Advantages of Skinprint

There are 5 core advantages of using Skinprint Customized Products:

  1. Targeted efficacy: Since the skin’s condition is documented so precisely, it is possible to incorporate the proper active ingredients at the proper doses to achieve the maximum desired effect. Understanding dose (active ingredients), delivery vehicle (base) and depth penetration of ingredients are critical in optimizing product efficacy.
  2. Reduction of side effects: side effects such as irritation or redness are minimized as possible irritants can be excluded, having been identified through the interview process.
  3. Synergistic action of the product regimen: Each product in the regimen from cleansers to serums to moisturizers are formulated to work together so as to avoid product neutralization, occlusions and other factors that can affect product performance.
  4. Product Freshness: Since the products are made and shipped within 3-5 business days, the ingredients are at the highest potential bio-activity to produce maximal effect.
  5. Guarantee: Skinprint will reformulate at no charge with the first 30 days of the patient receiving their products if , for any reason, the patient is unsatisfied with the custom blend products.