Skin Care ingredient technology (commonly called cosmeceutical active ingredients) has evolved to a ppoint where real effects to the skin can be achieved. Ingredients can target a variety of active cellular sites in the skin at different levels to produce a direct effect such as collagen production, elastin production, stem cell enhancement, melanin suppression, etc.

Skinprint’s Research & Development team continually researches active ingredient technology to provide the most effective ingredients for the skin.

Skinprint’s Research and Development team has just launched “Skinprint Bio-Juv Complex Technology”. These are unique combinations which work synergistically to achieve superior results in skin such as:

  1. Smoothing skin texture
  2. Reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  3. Improving skin tone
  4. Fading dark spots
  5. Enhancing the health of stem cells
  6. Reducing redness and irritation
  7. Enhancing the eye area


BioJuv Activation Complexes

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