The Skinprint Process

The critical elements in the Skinprint Process are described in the graphic below.  Skinprint will train critical staff on this process and then certify the appropriate members of staff as Skinprint Certified Analysts.

The Skinprint process elements are simple and reproducible:

  1. Take a comprehensive skin history consultation from the client
  2. Perform the Skin Biometric and Imaging Analysis
  3. Send the data to the Skinprint New York labs
  4. A Certified Skinprint Analyst CSA will review the data, calls the client to discuss the approach to improve her skin and agree on products.
  5. The CSA will send the products either to the client or the facility, whatever the choice of the owner is.
  6. The CSA calls the client 10 days after receipt of customized products and checks up with client to ensure compliance and skin compatibility.
  7. Skinprint calls client at day 80 to confirm results and recommend to go back into the facility for a recheck Skinprint analysis.